Graduate Programs

Divinity School & Graduate School in Religious Studies

If you aspire to go on to the ministry you will generally have the sponsorship and direction of a denomination or tradition. For you, especially, the Religious Studies curriculum can offer advanced preparation in the standard critical methods used for interpreting scripture, along with the comparative and theoretical issues that drive contemporary theology, liturgy, and inter-religious dialogue.

Graduate work in Religious Studies generally requires a focus on one particular region or cultural tradition. There are Masters programs in Religious Studies that allow one to pursue broader coursework, whether as additional humanities training in the liberal arts, or as preparation for doctoral work. Religious Studies faculty at the College of Charleston have trained in a variety of Doctoral and Masters programs, and are interested in advising you concerning graduate work in this field. Some of our recent outstanding graduates have been accepted to prestigious graduate programs at Arizona State University, Boston University, Duke University, Miami University of Ohio, University of Chicago, University of California Santa Barbara, University of Colorado, University of Georgia, University of Michigan, University of Virginia, and the University of Washington.


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Photo Credit:  Priscilla Thomas; class of 2007