Registration Policy

The following policy represents standard practices in the Department of Religious Studies with regard to students who are seeking to register when classes are filled or who have special registration needs. Exceptions beyond those mentioned are not possible. Courses are “closed” when all designated seats are filled in a given class. Only courses with a RELS prefix can be requested for registration from Religious Studies faculty.

  • Pre-requisite Overrides: If a student cannot register for a Religious Studies course on MyCharleston due to a pre-requisite issue, that student may request an override from the instructor of the course, by email. Include your name, ID #, course #, section# and CRN of the course you want to override in your email. If the instructor grants the override, he/sh/they will forward request to the RELS administrative assistant for enrollment. Do not contact the RELS administrative assistant first.
  • Closed Course Overrides: Students who want to request registration in a closed Religious Studies class must petition the instructor of the course, by email. Include your name, ID #, course #, section# and CRN of the course you want to override in your email. Religious Studies majors (and minors) will generally be allowed into Religious Studies courses, particularly junior and senior students; such majors/minors must be formally accepted in the department. Be aware that being near graduation and/or a major/minor does not guarantee enrollment into a class.
  • Students Dropped for Non-Payment: Students dropped for non-payment of College debts may try to re-enroll. However, no seats are held for such dropped students. If the desired course is closed, he or she should follow the procedure listed above (Course Overrides). Instructors will make an effort to accommodate students (particularly seniors) dropped for non-payment on waiting lists, but faculty cannot guarantee that seats lost in original section will still be available. Students dropped for non-payment may have their graduation delayed.

Enrollment in Religious Studies course sections is limited by the size of the room, the level of course instruction, and the design of the course rather than by the number of seats in a classroom. Open seats in a class is not the issue, registration numbers for each course are determined by instructional needs and department standards. Unresolved problems should be directed to the Chair of the Department of Religious Studies, Elijah Siegler, during his regular office hours.


Photo Credit:  Priscilla Thomas; class of 2007