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RELS Major and Minor Information

Spring 2021 Syllabi for Religious Studies

RELS101 - Bjerken
RELS101 - Keegan
RELS105 - Lowe
RELS105 - Fisher
RELS115 - Cressler
RELS117 - Huddlestun
RELS120 - Bjerken
RELS210 - Cressler
RELS235 - Davidson
RELS250 - Siegler
RELS305 - Keegan
RELS451 - Siegler
FYSE134 - Siegler
HONS225 - Siegler
HONS250 - Cressler

Religious Studies Major

Religious Studies Minor

The minor in religious studies can be effectively combined with a complementary major in another field. For example, combining the minor with history or political science allows for deeper insight into the profound historical connections between events and religious motivations, or between political ideologies and religious discourse. Students majoring in literature, art, or philosophy learn to recognize the symbols and ideas arising from the classical religious traditions. Students in the social sciences, especially in psychology, sociology, and anthropology, will find that the religious studies minor complements and focuses their major course work.

reading a Tibetan Buddhist sacred text