Recent Bachelor's Esssay Topics

Students have written impressive Bachelor Essays (for RELS 499) and Independent Tutorial Essays (for RELS 399), some of which are available for perusal in the Religious Studies Lounge.

Recent Bachelor Essay topics include:

  • Alicia O'Brian, "African Christian Syncretism in Sea Island Religion"
  • Jenni O'Donnell, "Death Rituals in Balinese Religion and Culture"
  • Jay Laughlin, "Sacred Sound: Language, Prayer, and Song in the Cherokee Worldview"
  • Erin Burke, "Religious Conceptions of Causality in Tibet"
  • Jenni Prueitt, "Religion and Political Identity in Modern Lebanon"
  • Jason Purvis, "Japanese Rituals and the Ethics of Personhood: Ambiguities over Abortion and Brain Death"
  • Amanda Pearce, "The Woodcraft Movement"
  • Corey Wallace, "In a Wash of Blood: The Religious Symbolism of Blood in Judaism and Hinduism"
  • Chelsea Diffendal, "Gender Identity in Native American Religions"
  • Andrew Aghapour, "Postmodern Meta-narratives and Religious Identity"
  • P.J. Schwartz, "The Concept of Evil within Kabbalah"
  • Sean Connolly, "Religious Themes in Japanese Films"


Photo Credit:  Priscilla Thomas; class of 2007