Internships and Volunteer Work

Internships in the Department of Religious Studies provide majors and minors with valuable experience and exposure to jobs in churches and synagogues, hospice and social outreach programs, museums, and historical sites, where students apply skills that they have acquired in their study of religions. The College of Charleston is located in a city and region that provides many such opportunities, where students can integrate methods of study and knowledge gained in their coursework into concrete situations. The internship also gives sponsoring institutions a unique opportunity to help develop students' skills in applied knowledge and fieldwork in religious studies. Some goals of a religious studies internship include 1) to acquire hands-on experience in a job relevant to the study of religions; 2) to explore professional opportunities; 3) to experience the challenge and rewards of working within a complex institution; 4) to learn by doing. Internships also provide the student with the opportunity to network and make connections that may lead to a future, full-time paid position using their training in religious studies.

Local Internship Opportunities

National and International Internship Opportunities

Below are just a few of the national and international institutions that some of our students have participated in during the summer:


Being an intern comes with many responsibilities. You should take the knowledge you gain from the internship experience and use it to improve your academic experience, encourage your classmates, and mold your desired post-graduation path.

We wish you success as you test your academic skills outside of our walls.

Photo Credit:  Priscilla Thomas; class of 2007.