Department of Religious Studies


Welcome to the Department of Religious Studies. We invite you to explore this website to find out more about our faculty, our courses, and some of the contexts in which religion is studied at the College of Charleston. As a liberal arts institution, the College of Charleston seeks to educate students in critical thinking, multi-cultural perspectives, aesthetic sensitivity, and broad factual knowledge. The Religious Studies major is a particularly effective and rewarding way of achieving this kind of education and making the college experience a life-long influence. The study of religion is an important part of understanding the world in all its diversity. By acquainting yourself with religious traditions from around the world and throughout history, by sympathetically grasping their force in culture, you gain a greater understanding of the world. In many circumstances, religion is the key to understanding other cultures and important historical events. Click here to read more from the chair.

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Our Statement of Solidarity and Commitment to Antiracism.

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