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Andrew Aghapour

Adjunct Faculty

Address: 4B Glebe Street, Room 200
Phone: 843.953.0895

Andrew Aghapour is an alumnus of the College of Charleston but he has returned to his alma mater to teach during the summer.

In his own words
I am interested in the history of religion and science in the modern West, specifically with how ‘religion’ and ‘science’ have evolved as both social institutions and intellectual categories. I am also interested in how particular conceptions of science and religion get mobilized in political debate and academic discourse.  My current research concerns scholarship surrounding recent ‘biocognitive’ accounts of religion, and how uncritical use of concepts like ‘positivism’ and ‘sui generis’ tend to pigeonhole complex issues into unstable categories.

My central interest, which takes up most of my time, is teaching.  I am a '’true believer’ when it comes to liberal arts education, and will happily talk someone’s ears off about the craft of pedagogy.  My most recent course at the College was on religion in science fiction, where we studied how authors and filmmakers depict religion and science in alternate and future worlds.


Currently - Ph.D. student, Religious Studies, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
2011 - M.A. Religious Studies, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2008 - M.Phil., History, and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge University
2007 - B.A., Religious Studies and Philosophy, College of Charleston

Courses Taught


"Do iPads Cause Religious Experiences?"  (phf)  Religion Dispatches Online Journal, (June 23, 2011)   

“Identity and Religion of the Status Quo: The Rushdie Affair in the West,” (pdf) Chrestomathy: Annual Review of Undergraduate Research, vol 4 (2005), pp. 1-18.

“Narrative Ethics and Coherentism” (pdf) in Chrestomathy: Annual Review of Undergraduate Research, vol. 6 (2007), pp. 1-9.